The world of recovery is a sensitive one. The nature of the service means that lots of incredibly sensitive personal information may be stored and shared amongst key workers, as they provide the help and support required to those individuals seeking to change their lives.

Understanding the sensitive nature of the work you do is critical. At TalkRiskGroup we are experienced in supporting your sector with data protection and security services.

Working in your Sector.

We have already helped several Addiction and Care Services just like yours:

“We were recommended to TalkRiskGroup through one of our legal partners to assist with the issue of GDPR. In short, TalkRiskGroup has helped us to comply with GDPR with regards to processes and approaches to storing and sharing personal data and managing events like a subject access requests. We found them collaborative and useful to have in our corner”. Abbeycare Scotland.

“TalkRiskGroup helped us take a complex issue like GDPR and apply it across our organisation in a practical manner starting with, putting the correct policies and processes in place for the storing and sharing of personal data”   (Lorimer – now Sanctuary)

“We’ve benefited from using their helpdesk for all our GDPR queries from both our clients and employees. This includes helping with requests for medical records, liaising directly with other third-parties who request access to our client’s personal data.   David worked directly on our behalf and freed us up, to do our work”. Abbeycare

Services to You

Dealing with data protection queries can be daunting if you don’t have experience of managing the regulator and red tape.  That is why we do the work for you.

Our Services:

  • Subject Access Request (requests for personal data)
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliance
  • Data Protection Issues (including data breach)
  • Disputes
  • Policies
  • Helpdesk
  • Certification (for bids and tenders)

Subject Access Request

Subject access requests are requests for personal data held on the subject. These can include medical records, CCTV footage, CRM data, handwritten files, or emails. You will get support compiling the relevant materials and responding within the regulatory timelines.

General Data Protection Regulation Compliance

You will have access to one of our Virtual Data Protection Officers; someone who will work with you to make sure you follow the regulatory guidelines and are operating within the legal requirements of data storage and sharing.

Data Protection Issues

Suffered a breach? You will need someone to guide you through the regulation and your obligations to report, alert and fix your data security issues. We will liaise with the Information Commissioner’s Office on your behalf, work with your IT company or communicate with Police Scotland if required.


If you have a dispute with a service user, you may not want to deal directly with them. We can offer full support for disputes, subject access requests and resolution, dealing with the service user on your behalf.


The law mandates you must have policies for data breaches, consent, and access request in order to be compliant with data protection laws.  You will be provided with all the relevant policies, updated to your specific requirements, written by professional contract writers and data protection experts. To keep everything safe, we provide cloud storage for your policy documents.


You get access to Helpdesk support, by email or telephone, where you will be connected to a data protection officer who will help you navigate your situation and make recommendations for resolution.

Certification – Bids and Tenders

You will get assistance in the completion of the data protection questions in your bids and tenders for funding or support. You will be provided with certification to prove that you comply with the law. This can be used to demonstrate compliance to clients and suppliers too.

To chat more about our services, call David our Certified Data Protection Officer on 07903 821876 or email [email protected]