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Protect and Safeguard your brand

Our talkGDPR service was formed in response to frustrated business owners like you, who needed to manage the risk of GDPR compliance but struggled to find a straightforward and easy to use solution.

GDPR compels businesses to protect data belonging to EU citizens and residents. The law, therefore, applies to organisations that handle such data whether they are EU-based organisations or not. So no matter where you are based in the world, if your business handles data belonging to UK or EU residents, talkGDPR can help you.

A data breach could result in a substantial financial penalty, but may also damage your reputation, brand and future profit.

Our proprietary algorithm and online compliance management tools gives you access to the world’s most convenient GDPR-as-a-Service platform – without the technical jargon.

Quick Risk Management

The online questionnaire will assess how at-risk you are from a GDPR compliance perspective. It is easy and designed for time-poor business owners like you. You can complete it in 15 minutes.

Support when it matters

In the event of a breach, your GDPR-as-a-Service subscription helps you communicate with the ICO, pulling together all the key documents and paperwork required.

Peace of Mind

Let your suppliers, customers, employees know that you are taking GDPR seriously by displaying your talkGDPR certification on your site and in your communications. The regulators will know too, giving you peace of mind.

Cost Effective

As a subscription product, talkGDPR offers you GDPR-as-a-Service.All our services are online, easy to use and payable monthly. Each subscription level provides you with all the policy template documents you need. Premium subscriptions offer you a Data Protection Officer as a service.

Test your processes

Clients using our medium package can expect regular mystery shops which test how you deal with GDPR related questions, issues and breaches, helping you test your processes, improve your disaster recovery planning and prepare.


We practice what we preach. Your information is stored securely and the service is completely confidential.

GDPR Affects You

Most companies understand that GDPR legislation impacts on their business. But not everyone realises the extent. You need to be GDPR compliant if:

– You collect, manage or store data belonging to EU residents
– You hold personal details about EU/UK based customers of suppliers
– You employ people in the UK and EU
– You use EU/UK subcontractors
– You collect personal data via your website or CCTV
– You have been contracted to deliver services in the EU/UK

talkGDPR work with a broad range of industries and sectors – both regulated and unregulated – and are here to help you manage your risk.

No sector is exempt from GDPR legislation. Joining us today will enable you to access the relevant policy documents and crucial business tools straight away.

talkGDPR offers help and support when you need it most. Our experienced team have critical knowledge of technical IT, software and legal services which are crucial when it comes to helping you manage your risk when complying with the act. Let us help you ensure that personal data is stored, shared and managed in a compliant way.

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The Easy 4-Step Journey to GDPR Compliance & Reputation Management

Understanding your world.

Take our questionnaire to tell us about your processes.

Get recommendations.

You’ll receive a report confirming your GDPR status – pass or fail.

Act upon the recommendations given.

Once you’ve taken steps towards compliance you’ll get a certificate.

Tell the world that you’re GDPR compliant.

Tell the world that you’re GDPR compliant.

You can embed the certificate on your website to prove you are compliant with the Act.