“We want our clients to be protected so they can do business in bigger arenas and can mature and sustain their business”

We are talkRISK

talkRISK was founded to enable businesses to protect their reputation and safeguard their brand by offering simple, jargon free, Information Governance, Cyber Security, GDPR Compliance and Business Contract services.

What many businesses perceive as bureaucracy, as difficulty, as a significant challenge – we perceive as an enabler. A chance for businesses to be the differentiator in their marketplace.

Demonstrating your commitment to data protection and your efforts to secure the flow of data within your business has never been as important as it is now.

The world has changed and attitudes to risk has changed too.

Strength, Flexibility, Resilience

It’s a fact that those businesses who don’t care about protecting personal data are bidding for work in the same arena as those who do care.

Who will win that business?

By demonstrating to a potential supplier in the value chain, to your customers, that you have made efforts to bring your business up to the right level of compliance and security, you will expand your world and your marketplace. You can do business across all sectors including public sector, corporate enterprise and small business. This is what will put you above the rest of the market.

talkRISK helps you navigate the law and cut through the bureaucracy. We help you prepare for the worst case scenarios and demonstrate your commitment and efforts.

And if those worst case scenarios do happen, we’re there with you, in the trench.