The Practical Side of UK GDPR – Partnering with Solicitors and Legal Firms

GDPR or UKGDPR has been with us for over 3 years now.  Over this period, TalkRisk Ltd has been partnering with solicitors and legal service firms to provide data protection support services.  

As virtual data protection officers and cyber professionals, there are three common ways to help our clients;

 1/ guidance and assistance fulfilling subject access requests

2/ understanding how effective processes can safely store and share personal data

3/ assistance to prevent data incidences

Subject Access Request (SAR)

There is a common misconception that SARs are straight forward, an easily absorbed task which can be handled by any member of staff.  But in reality, fulfilling such a duty is far from clear-cut.  In the majority of cases, the subject access request is submitted under the cloud of a dispute, concerning an ex-client or ex-employee.   There are contractual conditions which need to be observed that might determine who responds to the SAR.  The issue can quickly become tricky and over sensitive without the correct guidance and support.

“Data protection expertise and an effective service”, Clarity Simplicity Solicitors

Storing and Sharing Personal Data Safely

GDPR has changed the mood a little with regards to process.  Information Commissioners Office (ICO) has never been more widely available to the public, leading to record numbers of fines and highly publicised negative press reporting.  It is more essential than ever to review your data sharing processes and approaches to storing; something you may never have considered before.

Having a third-party who is familiar with the confidential and sensitive aspects of a solicitor’s day to day client engagement is certainty helpful.  It is a natural part of the job to share personal data with other parties – including clients and other solicitors.  It’s therefore essential to have the correct process in place to do so in order to protect the client’s personal data as well as safeguard your reputation.

“Responsive and professional service”, Linda George Family Law

Preparing for Data Breaches

Being ready for the inevitable is a smart way of managing the risk attached to processing personal data in a legal practice.  Having the correct IT and Cyber policies as well as a mechanism for dealing with incidences as they occur promotes peace of mind across a law firm or legal services company.

Throughout our journey they provided expert insight and knowledge into all GDPR related matters which allowed us to continue delivering for our clients whilst mitigating the impact of any data breach”.  HR Services Scotland

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