talkCONTRACTS – Protect and Sustain Your Business

Ensure your commercial contracts are complying with GDPR and consistent with your organisation’s policies.

Most companies fall short of using their commercial contracts to manage their liability. You need to clearly set out each parties role and responsibilities when it comes to protecting personal data. “Having the right information governance, the correct policies, really made a difference in the scoring for bids and helped us come out on top”.  Optimat Ltd

Bidding for work has become very “pre-approval” focused. Having the correct contracts and policies in place, before you bid for work, is essential. Promote confidence in your company’s working practices by making your clients aware your documentation is thought-through and relevant.

Go about your day to day, knowing that your contracts are compliant with the law and reflect your company processes.

Website Compliance

Make sure, your website contracts, cookie and privacy polices are drafted to reflect your organisation’s approach to protecting personal data.

Having templates, supplied by your web developer or taken from another’s site, will not keep you compliant or demonstrate your organisation’s attitude to data protection.

It’s important to gain the confidence of potential customers by providing them with professionally drafted contracts. This will afford your customer a chance to review their appropriate rights and allow you to be clear about your contractual responsibilities. In an increasingly crowded online world, providing proper contracts and policies allows you to gain their trust before deciding to purchase a product or service from your site.

Protect and sustain your business. Reach out to us to get started today.