“Donate as you earn” helped us raise over £1500 for local charity.

“Donate as you earn” is arguably the perfect way for small businesses to donate to charity.  Donate as you earn considers the small business’ cashflow and allows a small business to afford to give to charity.

TalkRisk Ltd make donations based upon our clients’ monthly payments.  When we get paid, we can then donate.  We pay a percentage to Loaves and Fishes, a local charity concerned with feeding the homeless and supplying food parcels to those who need their help.

Since March 2020, TalkRisk Ltd maintains a donation counter, on its website, updating the donated amount on a monthly basis.

Dennis Curran, Loaves and Fishes CEO said “We are delighted that TalkRisk Ltd, a small company, has contributed to the Charity on a monthly basis over the past year, particularly during these difficult times.  Its contributions are most welcome and will have a major impact on the work we do here at the Foodbank”

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